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Vision Engineering

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Advanced Surface Inspection Systems for High-Speed Gypsum Board Lines

Vision Engineering, Inc. offers the most advanced surface inspections in the industry. With features such as defect classification, advanced cockle detection, extensive communications options and extremely high speed capabilities, our surface inspections are the smart choice for Gypsum Wallboard Inspection.

Surface Defect Detection and Classification
Tears and Peelers Indentions Scratches
Blisters Slime & Water Spots Wrinkled Paper

Virtually all visible surface defects can be detected. Some of the more common examples are shown above. With VEI’s classification module, surface defects are also classified as they are detected. Classification provides enormous benefits when determining the source of the defects. Systems ship with typical classification settings that can be modified by the customer to suit their needs.

Advanced Cockle Detection

VEI’s Surface Inspection Systems also include advanced cockle detection tools. A roughness score is generated for each inspection. As the roughness of the board (including cockling, paper texture, and surface debris) increases, the score also increases. Roughness scores are plotted on the screen for quick reference. Warning and failure limits are also available to generate alarms.

VEI Surface Inspection Systems
Reliable surface inspection systems for line speeds up to 600 feet per minute.
User configurable classification of defects.
Advanced cockle and roughness detection tools.

Additional Features
- Dimensional Measurement
- Taper Profile Verification
- Remote Access Compatible
- Built-In PLC Interface
- Built-In Data Archiving

Our systems include everything needed for a complete, ready to run Gypsum Board Inspection System. Utilities and helper applications are included to perform the most common tasks.

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