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Vision Engineering

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Rugged, Reliable Trolley ID Systems for Kill Floors
In today’s world, the amount of data being collected on kill floors is continually increasing. In order for companies to collect this data, it is imperative for a highly accurate and reliable tracking system to be in place.

Vision Engineering, Inc.’s Trolley ID based Kill Floor Tracking Systems offer a superior solution for kill floor tracking applications. Our systems utilize inexpensive, rugged trolley ID tags and completely sealed imaging hardware to provide the best trolley ID system in the industry. Currently on the third generation of trolley ID reading software, systems are in operation today that consistently read at 99.9% - even with ID tags that have been in service for over 10 years.

VEI Kill Floor Tracking – Features and Benefits
- No fragile electronics are on the trolley – Unlike RF systems, the VEI system has no fragile electronics on the strap. The ID tags are made of solid steel or stainless steel providing many years of service.

Trolley strap does not have to be altered – Unlike other imaging based systems, the strap remains unaltered. Tags can be easily cut off and replaced without harm to the trolley.

Uses inexpensive, readily available hardware – System uses standard, off-the-shelf hardware – no hard-to-find, proprietary hardware required.

Communications OptionsVEI’s kill floor tracking systems not only provide the best read rates in the industry, they also offer some of the most flexible systems available. Our software was designed and developed specifically for kill floor applications. Modules are available to interface to most any kill floor grading or weighing equipment. This includes both inline and bench scales, probes, and grading terminals such as VEI’s line of Kill Floor Data Collection systems. Our systems can communicate with other devices in virtually any format available including RS-232, RS-485, TCP/IP, UDP, DDE and more.

Several Utilities Included with Standard Trolley ID Package

Remote monitor showing actual read rates. The remote monitor can be used to monitor all stations from anywhere on a local area network, quickly alerting plant personnel to tracking system issues.

VEI’s trolley ID readers can also be customized to read existing tags. This includes tags with other hole patterns, RF tags, and bar-coded tags. This flexibility makes our systems the smart choice for customers who need new tracking systems, as well as those who simply need more than their current tracking system offers.

VEI Kill Floor Tracking
Uses rugged, inexpensive trolley ID tags.
Typical read rates are consistently over 99.9%.
Proven performance – systems have been running for over 10 years.